In cooperation with educational institutions and representatives of local and regional self-government, the Ministry of the Interior organizes  the multimodular program “Together Against Hate Speech” which will include various interactive activities with an emphasis on antisemitism prevention, including short address of all community stakeholders and students of secondary vocational schools in Vukovar through the form of Multimedia corner called “Stand in front of the camera/microphone and send a message against all forms of antisemitism”.

The Program will include preventive educational activity “Remembrance of Holocaust victims” and sports competition called “I am for Fair-play”, with the aim of preventing hate speech and all forms of discriminatory behavior as well as promoting a culture of dialogue, tolerance and mutual respect.

In collaboration with educational institutions and the Holocaust Education Trust Ireland initiative, students will take part in the “Saffron” international project, dedicated to the memory of the one and a half million Jewish children and thousands of other children who perished during the Holocaust.

Preventive Program “Together Against Hate Speech”